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Partnerships Enrich Education

Who we are

PVI is a leader in continuing professional development and quality improvement focused on providing educational programming across an array of therapeutic areas and in a variety of formats to the healthcare professional community. Each year, PVI develops and delivers 70+ live symposia at major society meetings, 200+ practice- and institution-based workshops and regional meetings, and 100+ interactive online activities in varied and innovative formats.

Our medical education programs deliver updates on the latest scientific advances, provide expert interpretation of current evidence together with practical guidance on clinical integration, and offer unique insight into emerging areas of research.

Our Vision

We aspire to continue identifying ways to integrate the experiences and concerns of patients and caregivers into the educational programs that we develop. We know that when we exchange ideas, resources, and support with partners who have similar goals, we can advance a shared vision for medical education where healthcare professionals continue to improve the level of care they provide and positively impact the treatment experience and quality of life of their patients through greater understanding of patient values, goals, perspectives and unique barriers to achieving best outcomes.

How we collaborate

We collaborate with education partners from academic institutions, government, foundations, and other organizations to integrate the experiences and concerns of patients and caregivers into the educational programs that we develop.

Working together, we are able to:

  • Provide high quality education and resources for healthcare providers
  • Expand the reach of the patient voice in professional settings
  • Broaden awareness of partner program availability and resources to the community
  • Grow partner membership and social media following
Meaningful partnerships enrich existing endeavors and give rise to new projects, ensuring that our collaboration is mutually beneficial and advances the mission and goals of PVI and the partner organization.

"Today’s ASH presentation was fantastic! Congratulations on a job very well done!"
—CLL Society, ASH 2020

"We enjoyed the ASCO GU webinar and the encouragement for clinicians to refer prostate cancer patients to patient advocacy agencies such as Us TOO."
—Us TOO, ASCO GU 2021

"It was a great event and we look forward to working with you on future events."
—Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, ASCO GI 2020

How we interact

Partnerships work because of the unique needs and capabilities of each organization. We work with educational partners ranging from leading academic centers and health systems to small community hospitals, from internationally-recognized professional societies to grassroots patient organizations in a variety of ways:

  • developing surveys and focus groups that can help inform educational content or target learners
  • including patients or advocates as speakers/panelists in online and live activities
  • outlining proposals and generating content collaboratively
  • incorporating existing resources such as pre-recorded videos into programming
  • extending the education to a partner’s followers
In order to facilitate collaborations without inhibiting the primary focus of our partners, PVI is able to handle all aspects of grant development, submission and activity execution.

We are asking for your expertise and knowledge to provide insight into the clinician-focused education we create. This can be in the form of helping to identify a caregiver to provide insight and stories, providing resources you have already developed and have available via your website and increasing the awareness of the activity when it is launched on our website. Prior to developing a proposal, we would have a short call or email describing the education and your potential role.

PeerView is fully staffed to develop the proposal and if funded, the activity. Generally, we ask your input via 1-2 calls, review any resources you provide and finally share the activity and resources on social media.

We provide a donation/stipend to your organization that will help offset any time/effort you or your team spend developing the proposal or activity.

Our proposals are funded by pharmaceutical companies via medical education grants. These are separate from the patient advocacy grants and charitable funds they often provide to your organization. So we would not be competing for the same money.


PVI partners love the small company feel we bring to our collaborations. We are accessible, communicative, and flexible. But PVI also has one of the largest audience reaches in the industry, deep medical expertise in house, and extensive relationships with experts across medicine. Our powerful educational programs in many formats have measurable impact on the knowledge, skills, strategies and performance of healthcare providers.

Partnerships help build better education.

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