Our Initiatives

  • Free CME, CE, CPE Credit
  • Evidence-Based & Scientifically Rigorous
  • Leading Expert Faculty & Academic Institutions
  • Interdisciplinary & Systems-Based Education
  • Patient Engagement Strategies
  • Practical Point-of-Care Tools
  • Quality Improvement Resources
  • Self-Assessment & Lifelong Learning
  • Live, Mobile, Web & Print

Live symposia, meetings, and workshops, many held at the point-of-care (community hospitals, practices), leverage all the interactive advantages of bringing learners together with expert faculty in real-time. Live webcasts and virtual meetings permit learners to benefit from synchronous access to experts without the expense of travel and time away from patients. All live programs are quickly made available in our polished onDemand format to an extended audience and as an ongoing resource to reinforce learning.

Interactive audio-visual case studies guided by leading experts that engage learners in overcoming practical clinical challenges faced in daily practice.

Multiple experts, often representing different disciplines, professions, and perspectives, come together as a team to discuss the latest evidence and outline practical strategies for managing difficult cases, coordinating care, and engaging patients in their treatment. These panel-based activities are delivered as a series of succinct audio-visual presentations.

A series of concise, interactive, multimedia presentations featuring faculty perspectives on new or important science pertinent to patient care, often employing illustrative case scenarios to translate the latest evidence to its practical application in the clinic.

Short, expert-delivered updates on the latest science emerging at important medical meetings around the world, coupled with guidance from leading faculty on how the latest research findings may be assimilated in the clinic, impact routine patient care, and improve clinical outcomes.